Equipping Others for MINISTRY

Strategies for equipping others for peer evangelism

In describing the basics of CPR, I have noted several goals we have as ministry leaders and workers in equipping our people for their personal involvement in winning lost peers to Christ. To help you in thinking about the effectiveness of your ministry, let me conclude with a list of questions to stimulate your thinking concerning how you can be more successful in this equipping (my thanks to Sonlife Ministries for this list):

• Are the people in your group consistently praying for their lost friends’ salvation?
•Are you regularly challenging your people to make new unchurched friends?
•Are you providing regular events designed to help build friendships with the unchurched?


•Do people share their testimonies in evangelistic ways at school, work, and throughout their lives?

•Do you host activities where unchurched people can be exposed in positive ways to truths about Jesus?

•Are you encouraging and equipping others to have on-going “truth based” dialogues with their unchurched friends?


•Do you regularly equip others with the ability to share the gospel?

•Do they “own” the conviction that all people need salvation and that Jesus is the only way for that salvation?

•Do you regularly share the gospel in relational ways with the non-churched visitors?

Please say a good word for Jesus…You never know who is to be saved or not…We have an awesome blessing in being used by God as a living testimony of His love and forgiveness. To not say anything -you may miss the blessing in Loving God and Loving Others- Take the Step and Don’t Look Back!


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