What is a Disciple of Jesus?- D Wadsworth

So if you were asked by a young person to make a disciple out of clay what would it look like? What character qualities would it have? How or what would it be doing?

As followers of Jesus Christ we regularly devote ourselves to times of intimacy with God through prayer. Publicly and privately we dedicate ourselves to growing in biblical knowledge, loving, serving others, and forming relationships to share our faith in an active humble lifestyle.

Prays-We regularly devote time to intimacy with God through prayer

prays dependently on a daily basis
overall triumph and fruitfulness from prayer life
convinced of our need for God and the power of a personal prayer life

Worships-We bow, show reverence and adore God

believes worship is an active, holy response toward God
participates in corporate worship of God
combines our head, heart, mind to worship on a personal level

Learns-We grow in biblical knowledge and apply it daily

develop a capacity of inspiration and authority of the Bible
pursue Godly perspective in everyday life and decision making
committed to an ongoing analysis of the Holy Bible

Serves-We unselfishly serve others for God’s glory with a humble lifestyle

deep understanding for the ultimate service of Christ
further God’s kingdom through the use of our giftedness
joyful about meeting others needs
serve God in all areas of life

Loves-We Love God, believers and those who don’t believe

sensitive spirit that enables encouragement toward others
build up others by word and deed
genuine concern to see others be all they can be in Christ
seek opportunities to help those in need

Impacts-We actively form relationships seeking to share our faith by the way we act and live

manages time to prioritize developing solid relationships with the lost within our circle of influence
explain and live the gospel in simple loving ways
deep compassion for the lost
known as a friend of spiritually lost people


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