What is Ethical?

According to Merriam-Webster Ethical is:

1 : of or relating to ethics <ethical theories>
2: involving or expressing moral approval or disapproval <ethical judgments>
3: conforming to accepted standards of conduct <ethical behavior>

I understand why this this question may cross our minds, but I dislike the question. Asking if a person “should” refrain from something, like asking whether it is “ethical” for a Christian to do something, usually leading to dead ends. One group of people may decide strongly for one position, another group of people argues against them, and around they go, accomplishing nothing except fracturing the relationships with an ever-growing number of artificial divisions.

Choose any ethical dilemma you like—drinking, sex, tattoos, porn….etc—and you will notice that they are all framed by the question, “What should a Christian do?” Each issue has its vocal proponents and staunch critics. The church is plagued by these prideful, destructive, and fruitless debates. Perhaps a more productive set of questions is: Why would a person want to participate? Why would a person want to watch it?

What is the motive behind the action? What is at the heart of the issue?

The Bible is never gray. Black and white and crystal clear. Unfortunately we as people like to pick and choose what verses we want to tag along with so our conscience is soothed.

The bible is not a collection of moralistic stories, but the unfolding story of God’s plan. The Hero of the Story is Jesus. We should want to know Jesus and love Jesus and understand his great love for us. We should want to learn the difference between moralism and grace; memorization and faithfulness to Jesus; religion and true love for God.

What does this action or desire have to do with my love and adoration toward God?


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