So How Do I Return?

As I sit and ponder my actions and reactions of this past week I have a question floating in my soul…..How do I return?

Let me give you some background:  Ever have an argument with a family member or friend? You know one of those knock out drag out ? The one where you pop blood vessels in your eyes because you became so angry?

So as I sat and calmed down and was convicted of my sin….I asked the Lord for forgiveness as well as the people I hurt.

So I began to pray. It hit me like a ton of bricks……So how do I return to the Lord?  Can I crawl up on His lap and cuddle in and whisper Abba (daddy)?  Do I return like the prodigal son? Should I light some incents and cover myself with smoke because He is so Holy and tie a rope to my ankle in case I don’t make it?….. I am by no means trying to sound confused or disrespectful but I was struggling….

His love is unconditional. My love is usually given with a stipulation of getting something in return. Can I love others out of the abundance of His love for me instead? Well my first step is to receive and understand His love. The only way to get a grip on this is from His Word and His Spirit. Is this why He asks of me to love my wife like He loves the church?To love my children as a blessing around the table? To Love God and love others or I am a resounding gong.

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please help me and teach me to love like you do. Help me to receive and share the love you declare in your Word and please mold me into your likeness.  In Jesus’ Name…….Amen


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